News from Nnudu, Oct. 2011

Just like during the past three years we (Lothar and Marianne) travelled to Nnudu in October 2011 for three weeks. After consulting the local council, the expansion of the water pipe-network was planned to also provide more distant parts of the village with clean drinking water. Furthermore Lothar was planning to investigate possibilities of using solar power instead of expensive electricity and Marianne wanted to undertake first steps in setting up a tailoring with the local women.

We were more than happy to witness the functional efficiency of the “drinkingwater-system” which was built during the last three years. The inhabitants are very proud of their achievement and happy to be provided with clean drinking water also during the dry season. They never stop to thank God and feel truly blessed.

The digging of the line trenches only proceeded slowly this year. Torrential rainfalls and stormy winds prevented us from progressing. The finished line trenches kept being flooded by the water masses. Only with patience and flexibility we managed to handle the difficult situation all together. In addition heat and high air humidity made our work even more difficult. We lost energy and were limited in our productivity.

We achieved our goal to install 1.900 m line trenches and 7 to 10 new water pumps only partially during the short time we spent in Nnudu. Due to our experiences from the past years we were convinced that the men, lead by the chief, would be able and willing to finish the left work by themselves. By now they have completed the water pipe-network and installed 7 new water pumps.

Besides the water project the association financed the construction of a shop for the baker Augustina and her daughters. The shop is situated in the close village Kanjarko and had been started by her husband who passed away

Already in 2010 the association started investigating in education. Three young men from Nnudu are completing apprenticeships which are supported by the association. We could convince ourselves that all of them achieved great results so far. We expanded our initiative for education and started to support a girl in Juapong. Nancy (16 years old) dreams of tailoring wedding gowns one day. On November 7, 2011, she started her apprenticeship as a tailor which will last two years.

The opening of a tailoring in Nnudu was postponed to 2012/13. Bertha, who was planning to be in charge of the tailoring, married and followed her husband to the capital.

In 2011 we faced expenses over 15.000 € for all our projects. Half of the costs were needed for the drinking water-project, followed by support for education and business.

For the planned photovoltaic solar power plant first pipes were installed in the water pipe-trenches.

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